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There is no doubt that hiring a marquee as an alternative to traditional venue hire, has become increasingly popular and serves as more than merely a place to for your guests to gather, offering a unique charm and ambiance which cannot be re-created in your usual brick and mortar venues. Any special occasion is made… Continue reading »


Emotional Detox Holistic Body Therapy is an all-natural, instinctive approach

Start your tantric journey by first beginning to understand the connection between sacred sensuality and nature‚Äôs unique ability to provide healing to the body through balance and therapeutic body work. To do this, a person would need to develop first an intellectual understanding of sacred sensuality and then allow it to deepen into a heart-centred… Continue reading »


You can trust Lodge Brothers to guide you through every step of a difficult journey

While many people spend little or no time thinking about the details surrounding their end of life, others are the exact opposite and have spent time and energy planning the details of their funeral or cremation. Whether it be details relating to the distribution of your assets and finances, in the form of your last… Continue reading »