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There is no doubt that hiring a marquee as an alternative to traditional venue hire, has become increasingly popular and serves as more than merely a place to for your guests to gather, offering a unique charm and ambiance which cannot be re-created in your usual brick and mortar venues. Any special occasion is made more memorable when you have a glamourous tent with all the trimmings to enhance the mood and make it an extra special event.

As industry renowned providers of marquees, we are often asked for Marquee hire advice, like best viable marquee sizes, what accessories or additions we have on offer, and about logistical issues such as how to heat a marquee, erect marquees and how to clean your marquee. Since marquees and their various components and uses are our lifeblood, we are always happy to assist our customers to find the perfect marquee for their various needs.

the diy party tent range

Good news is that whereas previously we only had supply of even length marquees (6x4m, 6x6m, 6x8m etc.) we have now extended our range and are able to supply “odd” length marquees in various sizes, which are listed on our website, thanks to our new 1m wide extension bays! While you are there, have a look at our stock of green marquees which offers a unique spin on the standard white marquee, while still offering the same quality as the best of range commercial grade marquees. Perfect for long-lasting sustained marquee hire.

DIY Marquees

DIY Marquees is invested in the longevity of their marquees for your use and so one of the most important tips that we can provide for marquee maintenance is ensuring that the marquee is kept as clean as possible and to avoid exposure to certain elements and substances. Cleaning of a marquee can take quite some time under normal circumstances, however if the marquee is exposed to certain situations, there is no choice but to put in the extra time to ensure that there is no long-term damage to the marquee. For example, if marquees are erected underneath trees, the fall-out from tree sap, or grim and dirt falling off the leaves which can be difficult to clean off, especially if it rains and the dust from the leaves transfers onto the marquee. While some stains can be removed from a simple wipe down, things like diesel and petrol can permanently stain PVC which is why exposure to substances such as these should be avoided at all costs. Another big issue is mould which can establish itself in the PVC itself if the marquee is packed away while still wet, so ensure that your marquee is stashed once fully dried to avoid long term problems.

Note that you are more likely to dirty the marquee in the process of dismantling or erecting it, than when it is standing erected. If you take care during these processes, the chances are likely that you might only have to clean the marquee once of twice in a season, which is, why we use high quality PCV and treat the marquees with lacquer to proactively ensure your marquee remains as low maintenance as possible.