Problems in the bedroom? Read how we can help you

Do you suffer from sexual dysfunction which is affecting your life? Speak to Mal Weeraratne a British Pioneer In the Area of Emotional Release through bodywork, Who has studied in various accredited institutes under pioneers & experts earning him the accolade of being the first Certified Tantra Educator in the UK.

Tantric Journey is a an awakening and healing process based on this ancient science to help:

  • Life long – the dysfunction has always been present.
  • Acquired – at some point the person was able to function without the dysfunction.
  • Situational – dysfunction occurs in some situations and not others.
  • Generalised – dysfunction occurs regardless of the situation.

Tantra can help anyone who wants to improve the quality and well being of their life, by understanding the needs of their own body, mind and spirit, and being able to communicate effectively to fulfill their needs.

We are all born free and pure, with positivity and love, which is the true essence of our being. Throughout our existence we are subject to adding layer after layer of negative believes, conditioning, emotions, physical and psychological abuse.

Body Armouring

According to Wilhelm Reich, the pioneer psychotherapist and sexologist, “Body Armouring” is viewed as a process whereby past traumatic experiences are stored in the body muscle tissue in a cellular level and as a result the body’s tissues harden, creating tension and blocking energy in the area that has been traumatised. Traces of the emotional content of every unsatisfied sexual experience have been recorded in the muscular tissues of your genitals, building up tension in the area so slowly that you did not even suspect that it was happening.

By armouring itself, body’s intention is to reduce it’s vulnerability to pain, discomfort and possible danger. But this process has the parallel effect of reducing our capacity for feeling pleasure.

In fact, because the sexual organs have been subject to vigorous condemnation from childhood onwards, the pelvic basin has become a major storehouse of negative imprints, greatly reducing our capacity for sexual pleasure and preventing full enjoyment of orgasmic release.