Thanks to RUMM Enersys they save in excess of £200k pa

RUMM Energy Management Solutions & Savings – In partnership with Enersys

Enersys is the global leader in stored DC power products for industrial applications and has over 100 years of battery experience. It has manufacturing facilities in many countries and sales and service locations throughout the world.

RUMM was engaged at the Newport plant to design and install the most appropriate metering infrastructure, and to provide full energy management services (EMS) in order to attack the annual energy bill.

Initially 66 electricity, gas and water meters were installed to provide the consumption patterns to target energy saving projects. Half hourly utility data was analysed using the RUMM IBASS (Internet Based Analytical Software Suite) system.

Savings have been achieved across the site but in particular in the extraction and compressor systems where the IBASS data alarming function ensures that savings identified are achieved and will be sustained. Shutdown procedures have led to savings at no capital cost and have led to behaviour change. Low-cost, no-cost savings have been supplemented by capital projects with less than a year payback to give Enersys a structured and successful cost reduction plan.

From executive level through to the plant floor, RUMM worked in Partnership with everyone at Enersys. There has been a continuous focus from the company on their investment in the RUMM Partnership and to achieve break-even and generate net savings as soon as was practicable. The position was reported upon at each formal quarterly meeting which maintained a business footing for the Partnership. Subsequent to passing through the break-even point Enersys has invested in additional metering confident that the information generated would lead to more savings. Area benchmarking and targeting has raised the staff energy awareness — this ensures participation by all in energy saving behaviour leading to continuing success of the RUMM methodology.

“We are now enjoying savings in excess of £200k pa and have a plan to continue to drive down costs.”
Plant Manager & Director, Newport Facility, Enersys

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