Blower Spares & Parts

IBS are suppliers of a range of new & second hand blowers.  We also provide spares for most types of blower sets, vacuum pumps and systems are available.

No other company in the UK can offer a range of stock to match IBS Ltd. We carry common blower parts (ie. bearings and seals which are on consignment stock) for all major manufacturers including Aerzen, Dresser (Holmes), Hick Hargreaves, Adams Ricardo/Wade and Robuschi as well as many others. In addition, older parts that are no longer available from the OEM are manufactured to original tolerances by ourselves.

We provide the following Dresser blowers:

Dresser HR800M Dresser HR8011 Dresser HR8012 Dresser HR8013
Dresser HR8020 Dresser HR8021 Dresser HR8022 Dresser HR8023
Dresser HR8031 Dresser HR8032 Dresser HR8033 Dresser HR8041
Dresser HR8042 Dresser HR8043 Dresser HR8051 Dresser HR8052
Dresser HR8053 Dresser HR8062 Dresser HR8063 Dresser HR8071
Dresser HR8072 Dresser HR8073